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I'm Benjamin Knutson. I grew up with a love for fishing and the outdoors. After catching my first muskie in 2010, I was hooked on the sport. My addiction to these amazing fish has only grown stronger with time. I have spent the past decade studying the art of the chase and the catch by observing and documenting midwestern muskie patterns and behaviors. I take pride in the safe handling and contributing to the preservation of the species. 

When I am not fishing for muskies, I catch walleye and bass. I am based out of the Twin Cities and fish locally - Additionally, I enjoy heading up north and experiencing the beauty of nature outside of the metro area. I have grown a great database of lakes we can fish from throughout the year.

You will be fishing with me on my Ranger 620vs with a Yamaha 225. Using top of the line fishing equipment including St.Croix and Thorne Bro Predator rods. 

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